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Apple Tree and Chicken Coop - Spring 1997
Apple Tree - August 2006
1. In the spring 1997 the old Northern Spy had the partially collapsed chicken coop to its left and the scrap wood from the original house piled to its right. 2. In August, 2006 there is a grape arbor fronted by rhododendron and ligularia on the left and a hosta bed to the rear right of the old Northern Spy tree.
Looking east from the kitchen - Autumn 1996 Pool and grape arbor about 2002
Pool and Arbor May 2006 Pool and grape arbor - Aug 2006
3. The preceding four pictures show the evolution of our view from the kitchen and the patio to the east. The first picture was taken in November, 1996 when we first looked at this property. The little white "guest house" and a weedy meadow were our view to the east. The picture on the upper right shows the garden as it appeared shortly after the pool was installed, the stone walls built, and the wooden grape arbor built to replace the collapsed chicken coop. The picture in the lower left is the pool garden as it appeared in May, 2006 while the rhodedendron in front of the grape arbor were in bloom, and the picture in the lower right is how it appeared in August, 2006. Notice how heavy that grape vine is over the top of the arbor. It was full of ripening Concord grapes when this picture was taken.
Rear of the house from garden - Spring 1997 Rear of house from garden - August 2006
4. A bleak day, a bleak yard, and a bleak house as viewed from out between the chicken coop and the "guest house", the edge of which can just been seen along the right border of this Spring 1997 picture. 5. In August, 2006 the house was harder to see because of the growth of the new trees behind the house. This picture shows the mud room and the edge of the attached garage that were added when the house was remodeled in the summer of 1997.
Deck in Summer 1997 Patio Jun 2004
6. About April 1997, and the demolition of the chicken coop (seen far left) has been postponed due to birds that had nested in it. No leaves on the trees, but we have the patio furniture and the barbeque outside ready for good weather. 7. June 2004 - a slightly different angle showing the new stone patio, the refurbished patio furniture, and one of us out working in the planting area in front of the grape arbor.

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