Longshadows on the Hill - Then and Now

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From the north - Spring 1997
From northwest - autumn 2004
1. In the Spring of 1997 the little white "guest house" was still on the property. Michael's Mazda sat outdoors as the only garage was the single car garage at the left of the picture. 2. In Autumn, 2004, the white house is gone, the new attached garage is visible at the left end of the house. Nature and the two of us have changed the colors of everything
From old garage - February 1997
From old garage - Aug 2006
3. In 1996 there was no attached garage. The driveway made a 90º turn down where this photo was taken, and most delivery trucks managed to pull over the lawn and leave their tire prints in the mud. 4. Hard to visualize that photo was taken from almost the same spot. The house is obscured by the attached garage, which itself is surrounded by tall shrubs. There is a small border of big rocks along the drive as it makes its 90º turn to head to the road. Trucks avoid this, and the garden behind the rocks breaks up the monotony of grass. The maple tree at the right side of the picture partially obscures the view of the large spruce seen in 1997.
Bob and India's Home - Spring 1997 Bob and India's Home - Autumn 2004
5. To our north is the early 19th century home of our neighbors, Bob and India. In this picture the house is fairly obscured at the left side with the white carriage house showing about mid-photo. 6. Not only has Mother Nature been busy coloring the landscape, but also Bob and India's house and carriage house have gone from white to a color more traditional with the age of the house, charcoal. The barn has also been painted a very special red.
South elevation - Nov 1996 South Elevation - February 2003
7. This shows the house when we first saw it in November, 1996 before we had made a purchase offer. Near the right bottom of the picture is the edge of the pile of scrap lumber from the destruction of the original house that this house replaced in 1984. 8. A slightly different angle again shows the sunroom at the south end of the house. This February, 2003 ice storm had heavily coated the trees whose branches are bent over from the weight of the ice.
Detached garage - November 1996 Detached Garage - August 2006
9. In November, 1996 as our realtor walked us around the property, we came to the detached garage with its peeling paint and collection of stuff lying around it. Its green asphalt roof was getting pretty worn after years of service, but it was still sturdy. 10. In August, 2006 the nearby Mountain Ash had grown tall giving morning shade to the detached garage, called "Honda Heaven" as the Honda yard tools live here. PeeGee hydranga spend their first summer where they replaced a row of Mountain Ash that were dying after being girdled by the birds.

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